What I offer

No matter where you are in this crazy thing called life, your adventure deserves to be captured.


My absolute favourite thing to shoot. Maternity, anniversary, engagement, or just because – I got you! Jump in a lake, run around in a parking lot, visit the waffle cafe you went to on your first date.. let’s make it you. It will feel more like we’re hanging out and less like you’re standing in front of my camera for an hour. Having photos done is nerve-wracking, but I swear it’s so fun and so, so worth having these memories captured.


I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for family sessions. I’m all about what a family is and that means I will spend as little time as possible taking the ‘holiday card’ photo and more time getting you and your littles to run around, tickle each other, and roll around in a grassy field. Let’s be honest: families are messy! You get a posed, studio photo of your child every single year – let’s do this differently.


Whatever it is you have planned, I’m in. Do something a little different and elope on a cliffside, or tie the knot in the church you’ve dreamt of since you were a kid. I’m there. The beauty of weddings is that there are absolutely no rules! I want to help you plan the wedding that’s exactly you. I will be your number one supporter.