Get to know me.

I first picked up a camera 6 years ago..

and have been shooting weddings and families and love for about 2 of those years, which has been a complete blessing

This is what I'm all about:


All the perfectly, imperfect moments that make your day what it is. I'm there for all the in-between, the wind-blown, the gut-wrenching and the completely unplanned. Relationships aren't pinterest perfect or this perfect love story. They're raw, they're vulnerable, they're real, so why should your photos be something other than that?


I'm NOT about perfectly posing you so that your hand is placed perfectly on his shoulder or making you kiss a million times over and over, photo-shopping you so that you guys don't even look like yourselves, or having you grin from ear-to-ear in each and every shot.


I want to tell your story and create photos with you that you will be able to look back on and think "hot damn, that's us!"
I want to be there among all your favourite people, capturing your tear-filled vows, your dad doing his best to keep it together, the wicked dance moves at your reception.
I want to be more than just a vendor to cross off your list.

The stuff I want to take pictures of isn't posed and "perfect." What I care about is the real stuff. The talking all night, the inside jokes, the falling asleep holding hands. Completely being present and living your lives together, side by side.

There's so much vulnerability that comes with fully knowing another human being (and them knowing you in the exact same way) and it isn't always pretty, but DAMN it's amazing.

I started getting into photography thinking I'd be a fashion photographer, or a lifestyle photographer, or a mama blogger that took all my own pictures (pfft.) While I do shoot portraits from time to time, nothing gets my heart beating faster than photographing LOVE. I photographed some friends eloping in Whistler 3 years ago because they didn't hire one (what?!?!!) and instantly fell in-love with wedding photography. It's been an incredible journey.

I married my favourite human ever, who has the QUIRKIEST sense of humour and envy-worthy eyelashes. He's incredibly smart and we're often found foodie-ing all over the place, watching anime or engaging in tickle fights with our mini-humans. Occasionally he will join me during elopements to help me with my gear and I promise you, you'll love him as much as I do.

I'm a mama to two absolutely crazy, hilarious and sweet boys. Before I am a photographer, before I'm a wife, before I am ANYTHING - I am a mother and I couldn't be more proud of this role I have in their lives.

**Photo by Erin Fraser Photography.

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