Couples Session – Burnaby Mountain

This couples session took place on Burnaby Mountain eaaarly in the morning last December. I messaged Tayler asking to photograph her and Simon years and years ago, but I am glad that we finally did it after I had done India Earl’s amazing Posing Workshop. It completely inspired me to create something out of the usual norm. What resulted was authentic imagery and the most beautiful, soft light I had ever used. I secretly cross my fingers every time I get booked that I’ll have another couple that’s willing to drive up a mountain at 6AM, there’s nothing quite like it!

We first hopped in the car and grabbed McDonalds immediately (of course) and headed there. The morning air was cool and the grass was still crunchy with frost. They both wore clothes that screamed who they were and I was absolutely in love with that. While I love fancy formal wear and dresses, I love it even more when a couple chooses outfits based on their personalities instead of heading to the nearest store and picking up something brand new. It’s well worth it and they ended up insanely happy with the images! It’s completely a team effort creating images that you will love – I will do my best to guide you, but the rest is up to you!

These two were completely comfortable in front of my camera. They laughed a lot, ran around and played, and carried each other like it was no big deal. How lucky am I?! Often times it’ll take maybe 10-15 minutes of some awkwardness before couples get comfortable, but they jumped right in like they did this every day.

If you’ve been looking to do a couples session on Burnaby Mountain and have noooo qualms shooting super early, drop me a line!

grabbing her and spinner her around on burnaby mountain holding hands and laughing on burnaby mountain piggy back ride during this couples session on burnaby mountain running and jumping into his arms during this couples session on burnaby mountain wrapping her up and snuggling during this couples session on burnaby mountain

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